Wednesday, December 19, 2007

how to tell your partner is enjoying sex

It's hard to figure out whether your lover is truly enjoying sex with you or not. Well if you were to be direct and ask them than they might say they're loving it only to make you feel good and happy but the insider facts would never be known to you. You never know what's going on in the persons mind and how they are feeling. So you see there isn't a perfect answer or a surefire way to tell but there are signs which are guaranteed to prove whether your lover is enjoying sex with you or not. Read on to discover what these signs are and figure out whether your lover is enjoying sex with you or not.
See the intensity of passion- If your lover is truly enjoying having sex with you he or she would do it with more passion and it would always be intense. It's common human nature that whenever we tend to enjoy something we do it with greater passion and intensity. But if your partner lacks that fired passion and willingness in bed than you are doing something wrong for sure and you need to work on it before it too late.
Can you communicate without speaking? - This means that you don't need to verbally ask your lover what he or she wants rather you are very much in tune and know what he or she wants and you do exactly that. You see if these are your circumstances than you and your lover are sexually very much in tune with each other and there wouldn't be many problems with satisfying your partner in bed.
Does he or she want more? - Well again it's common human nature that when you like or enjoy something you want more and more of it. This same formula applies to sex, if your lover truly enjoys it and likes it than he or she would be constantly willing to get more and more of it from you. In case he or she does not tell or ask you for more there body language will easily tell you that they want more from you as they were enjoying it.
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